meet the collective


We are the husband and wife founders of this collective.
In 2017 we set out on an adventure of traveling the United States and tiny living in our renovated camper. We wanted a trustworthy associate to help us to continue serving our Ohio client and instead of just one we found five trustworthy, awesome, creative associates. 
And so, The Heartlanders was born. 

For nearly a decade, our couples have loved working with us. They love our natural approach to photography, they love their experience and they love their photos. We're beyond thrilled for this team of awesome photographers to provide our clients with that same service and quality.
For us, it's all about remembering moments that matter.

For the eight years that we've called wedding photography our "job", it truly has never felt like work. We are incredibly humbled by the love and support of our couples and our photographer community. We truly love storytelling through photographs, but it's not all we do. When we're not behind the camera, we're usually cuddling with one of our many cats, or hiking, or driving down a mountain road to nowhere. We love the outdoors, good food, whiskey and wine. Our home on wheels is 150 square feet tiny haven for us and we'd love to share some stories with you. 

We love capturing the elements of the day that you might not see; your Grandma dancing, your Dad's tears, the bridesmaids cracking up. We search for the emotion, the ever-fleeting everything... so that you can look back, so that your kids can look back and feel something. Because that's what matters. We would love to meet you and hear more about your life and your love.





From Mallory: Lauren is such a gem. She joined Justin and I in 2015 as an assistant out of college and quickly grew into an associate, photographing weddings for us on her own because her work is stellar. She has an insane vision when it comes to documenting moments, we often envy how she seems to see things effortlessly. Having Lauren work with us these past few years has been better for us than we ever imagined. Her talent and outlook is so inspiring. You'll love her quiet humor and her knack for capturing special in-between moments.

Hi! I'm Lauren!  

I am a documentary wedding and live music photographer based out of Canton, Ohio. I graduated with a degree in photography in 2015 and have been working as an associate photographer for Mallory + Justin for the past three years. I married my husband Colyn, a little over a year ago! Yay! You can generally find me cracking cheesy jokes and discussing theories about The Walking Dead. I love hanging out with my husband and our cat Olive. I am so honored to document your love story.

I want to let the pictures tell your story, reliving the moment you say 'I do" for generations. I love documenting the natural and genuine parts of the day, watching quietly, waiting for authentic moments that truly show who you are as a couple. I want to capture every fleeting moment, every feeling, from the big ones to the little ones in between; because when all else fades, your love and the photos will be what remains. I can’t wait to meet you and document this important celebration!  - Lauren




Hey! I'm Lisa A.

I graduated high school with plans to get a degree in early childhood education. After my first year at college, the idea of photography as a career, and not just a hobby, became something I wanted to pursue. I was taken on as an associate by a local wedding photographer who saw potential in me and my work, and I’ve been photographing weddings ever since. This will be my 13th season as a wedding photographer. 

My husband and I are high school sweethearts. My favorite job title is “Mom” to my two boys, and being an associate photographer allows me the freedom to raise my kids and have a rewarding creative outlet. 

I am an observer and love to document the connection between people. I consider my style timeless and romantic- as much as I want my clients to love the photos I take on their wedding day, my hope is that their children and grandchildren love them, too.  - Lisa




Hi! I'm Amanda

I am a videographer from Canton, Ohio. I am Lauren’s twin!! We love working alongside each other, her doing photo and me capturing motion and stories on video. She helps me see the photographers side of things, and continually gives me a fresh perspective. I love that I get the chance to work with her. I am currently planning my own wedding for September! I know exactly what you’re going through ;) I can’t wait to marry my best friend and start a tiny cat family! I’m generally soft-spoken, but if you’re a fan of zombies, cats or collections of quirky socks we will talk all day! I have an Associates Degree in Graphic Design and Photography, but I've always had a passion for Video and realized that I want to make this my career. This will be my second year documenting weddings and I’m extremely excited to be a part of such an awesome team. 

I love the freedom video provides and the ability to go back a relive a moment that has since passed. It can bring you right back to that day, hour, even minute. Video gives me the chance to focus on things that you might not see in the moment, but once you watch it, you see a whole new perspective to the day. I prefer to observe and capture the unplanned moments. 

I hope to provide you with an easy going experience with your loved one. I'd love to meet you and hear your story!